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Chinese Democracy

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10 апр. 2008
А я так и не проголосовала за лучшую композицию :pardon: не могу определить для себя.


...голосуйте за голос... :biggrin: ...я тоже не решился нажать какую либо кнопулю....


вот все те, кого поблагодарил Аксл Роуз за их участие в создании Китайской Демократии:
(в переводе не нуждается)

"Axl Rose would like to thank:
Beta Labeis- Personal assistant
Chris Pitman- Co-producer/instrumentalist since 1998. Also Lead Vocalist and Producer/Mixer of SexTapesTM
Tommy Stinson- GnR bassist. Also, founding member of The Replacements
Brain- Not Brian Monteath, he's listed below
Buckethead- Lead guitarist (AKA Brian Patrick Carroll)
Paul Tobias- AKA Paul Huge- Rhythm guitar and lead guitar for the band Mank Rage
Robin Finck- Guitarist for GnR, NIN, and at one point, Cirque Du Soleil
Josh Freese- Session drummer/songwriter. Has appeared on over 300 albums and is a member of A Perfect Circle, Devo, The vandals, and has been the drummer for NIN since 2005
Ron Bumblefoot Thal- Lead guitar (replacing Buckethead in 2006)- Interesting note, his song Firebrand is the opening theme for the TV show MXC
Dizzy Reed-Keyboards. Only remaining original member (except for the obvious) from the illusion days
Richard Fortus- Rhythm guitar. Odd fact- daughter's name: Paisley Piper Fortus. Plus he also played w/ Rihanna
Frank Ferrer- Drummer. Once backup/emergency fill-in from 2006 Europe tour. Now full time member. Also a member of the Psychedelic Furs and Love Spit Love
Sasha Volkova- beautiful Ukranian model as seen in Ralph Lauren ads.
Caram Costanzo and Laurie Blackstone- CC: producer/engineer, LB: not sure
Eric Caudieux and family- EC is a guitarist/keyboard player who is a member of Joe Satriani's touring band. If you don't know Joe Satriani, he is the shred-master who taught Kirk Hammett as well as a number of other amazing guitarists.

Sean Beavan- engineer who mixed the demo of Pretty Hate Machine, does live mixing for NIN on tour and even sings backing vocals from the soundboard! He has mixed many NIn albums (broken, Fixed, etc) and other Nothing artists.
Okee Kim- Assistant engineer. Also worked on A Mighty Wind. The folk based mockumentary by the Spinal tap crew.
Andy Gwynn- Assitant Engineer. Also worked with O-Toen (not very metal... At all!)
Brian Monteath- Assistant Engineer
Dave Dominguez- Assitant Engineer. Has engineered and/or produced for: Papa Roach, Test Your Reflex, Staind, Weezer, Guns N' Roses, QBO, S.T.U.N, The Fall, Adema, Shortie, Powerman 5000, Stabbing Westward, Audio Karate, Lucky Boys Confusion and many others.
Jose Borges- Another assistant engineer
Joe Peluso- Yup, another assistant engineer (AE)
Christian Baker- AE, Also worked for Def jam in teh past
James Musshorn- AE
Jan Petrov- AE
Jeff Robinette- AE
Bob Koszela- AE
Paul Payne- AE
Mark Gray- AE
Xavier Albira- AE
Dror Mohar- AE
Erich Tabala- AE
Sean Berman- AE (co-owner Bilawn Records. Engineered Izzy Stradlin's 'River'
Donald Clark- AE
Shinnosuke Miyazawa- AE ()
Vanessa Parr- AE
John Beene- AE
Al Perrotta- AE

Mike Scielzi- Mix assistant
Paul Saurez- Mix assistant
John O'Mahony- Engineer (Pro Tools Mix)- Also worked with LCD Soundsystem
Greg Morgentein- ?? (possible worked with Subtractive in Culver City, CA)
Paul DeCarli- Engineers (additional Pro Tools) Also worked with Metallica and NIN
Billy Bowers- Engineers (additional Pro Tools)- Also worked with Metallica and Frank Black
Justin Walden- Engineers (additional Pro Tools)
Rail Jon Rogut- Engineers (additional Pro Tools)
Isaac Abolin- Engineers (additional Pro Tools)
Billy Howerdel- Logic Engineer- Also worked with Tool

Oleg Schramm- Piano Tech
Will Jennings- Piano Tech
STig- Guitar Tech
Brian Doyle- Guitar Tech
Sharon Maynard- According to Rolling Stone, "A rather plain Asian woman of middle age, Maynard stands about five feet five, and has a medium build and dark, curly hair. Since 1978 she has run a not-for-profit business in Sedona called Arcos Cielos Corp., which, loosely translated from the Spanish, means "sky arcs." The company, with assets of $241,602 in 1998, lists itself as an "educational" enterprise." She is also thanked in the Use Your Illusion Notes
Elliot- Sharon's husband/ business partner. He is a doctor.
Master D-???
Irving Azoff- Personal manager to GnR as well as, "Jewel, The Eagles, X Japan, Bush, REO Speedwagon, Seal, Journey, Christina Aguilera, Alter Bridge, Van Halen, Neil Diamond, New Kids on the Block, Steely Dan, Morrissey" according to Wikipedia
Andy Gould- Possibly the producer of some horror fims including House of 1,000 corpses.
Steve Kidd-???
Tom Mayhue- Production Manager for GnR
Chris Gratton- possible referencing the professional hockey player
OBG- Oldies but Goodies???
Chuck Reed- Mayor of San Jose California
Jimmy Iovine- Producer and chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M
Merv-??? Griffin perhaps?
John Jackson- perhaps the famous blues guitarist; recently deceased
Bert Deixler- Lawyer- specializes in Copyright and IP (intellectual property)
Jeremy Mohr- ???
Ken Hertz- Lawyer- Senior Partner Goldring Hertz & Lichtenstein LLP
Rob Shore and Bruce Seckendorff of LL Management Group of New York- Arrange touring for GnR
Alan Gutman- Beverly Hills Lawyer
Danny Hayes- Drummer/backing vocals for a band called Tarrintino
Laurie Soriano- Partner Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP (music industry law firm)
Jeff Leven- harvard law newsletter music editor (probably a lawyer)
Howard Weitzman- Prominent trial lawyer

Doug Goldstein- co-head writer, co-director and co-producer of Robot Chicken
Donatella Versace- gianni's brother. Fashion designer and icon
Dave Elliot-???
Daren Clair- Doctor
Tony Hall- possibly Former US Ambassador to Rome and Three Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.
Stuart Kaplan- Beverly Hills Dermotologist
Paul Salinas- NY based chiropractor
Scott Kessler-???
Andrea Gustafson- graphic Designer
Andy Wallace- Grammy Award-winning music studio engineer
Bacha, Flor and family- ???
Georgina and family- ???
Gladys Appary and family and all the helpers- Salon Owner
George Chin- Photographer
Sante D'Orazio- Photographer
Kid Rock- Duh!
Sebastian Back & band- Duh!
Ben Sherazi-???
John Van Eaton- worked with NIN and KMFDM
Chris Whitemeyer- Crew Chief for Courtney Love (GnR at one point, perhaps again?)
Hernan Villarroel-???
Dan Druff- guitar and bass tech. Has worked with Queens of the Stone Age, Slayer, Monster Magnet, Sum 41, Shagnaps
Izzy Stradlin- Duh!
Jimbo Barker- Possible the palm Reader
Jonathan Rach- possible reference to the Filmmaker
Lars Ulrich & Metallica- Duh!
Kimi Raikkonen- Ferrari Formula One Driver- Remember, Axl is a HUGE ferrari fan
Dyan O'Connor- Possibly referencing a London man connected to Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Outcast
Amy Sacco- Runs Bugalow 8, a club in London. Former NYC nightlife queen.
Scott Sartiano- Co-owner of Butter restuarant in NYC and club 10AK. Also used to date Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Justin Murdock- real estate mogul
Vegas- The town?
Julie- Cristie?
Mehmet Koruturk- DJ, AKA Medokk
Jamison- ???
Joseph David- Photographer?
Tary Sirlin-???
Tina Casciani- Actress, Model, Dancer
Tracy- Morgan?
Larissa Seldon- Actor

Ricardo Lebeis and Family- See above
Anna and Luis Lebeis- See above
Fernando Lebeis and Cinthia Lebeis- See above
Eduardo Lebeis- See above
Regina Lebeis- See above

Vanessa Santos- Actress
Michael Sanka-???
Michael Sutton- Actor
Mark "Mookie" DiGiacomo- Gamedeveloper?
Jim "Worm" Mitchell- possibly th3 Oscar nominated visual effects person
Jean Mark Cramer- Engineer
Nick Souris- ???
RJ- ???
Roger Veage-???
Peter Moll- Possibly D.C. antitrust lawyer
Tim Duffy- ???
George Elizondo-???
Bruce Hendrix- Keyboard tech- NIN
Joe Bishara- producer, also remixed lots of NIN
Joey Castillo- Drummer, Queens of the Stone Age
Ethan Murphy- Actor
Ryan Murphy- Writer, Nip Tuck
Stuart Bailey- graphic Designer
Amy Bailey- Film Producer
Dave Lank- Account exec at DDB- Marketing company
Carlos Booy- Owner, Conserve Energy Services and Environmental
Critter- Aditional/initial engineering (real name: Jeff Newell)
Mark Williams- Manufacturer of drag racing components including drive line chassis components, axles, drive shafts, brakes, differential assemblies, dragsters, etc
Rhian Gittins-??? lives in LA
Gio Gasparetti- Security for Metallica
Yeti- Bigfoot?
Toby Francis- FOH (front of House) engineer 2006 tour
Andy Ebert- Sound Engineer
Dick Cheney- WTF???
Judd White- Tour Accountatn GnR
Terry "T-Bone" Gay- Photographer?
Jerry Burnside- Event services company
Jake Mann- indie rock guy???
John "Elmo" Sheldon- Monitor engineeer live GnR
Kim Brakely-???
Curtis Laur- Phil Collen's (Def Leppard) guitar tech
Craig Le Blang- Guitarist for Skeleton Key?
Doug Goldstein- Co-director/co-producer of Robot Chicken
Elwood Francis- Guitar tech
Natalie Parkinson-???
Dregen- Andreas Tyrone Svensson- guitarist for Swedish punk rock band Backyard Babies since 1987, and used to play guitar in the Hellacopters.
Nicke Borg- lead singer and guitarist for the Backyard Babies
Chela Johnson- Drector of marketing at Lions Gate Films
Scotty Slam-???
Gregg Journigan- Head of Global Network Services - Americas, Japan & SEA at EMI
Ronnie Schneider-???
Doug Miller- posts blogs on
Ace Trump- music journalist
Lennie Watson-???
Jason Baskin- 3D artist?
Mike Smollens- Jazz horn player
Gina Barboni- ???
Joe Truck- Tattoo Artist @ Rose Tattoo
Angry Anderson & Rose Tattoo
Johnnie Allan- Cajun swamp-pop rockstar
Page Hamilton & Helmet- Very nice!
Morimoto- Amazing Chef
Tina Change-???
Vanessa Vellucci- Assistant to President at Shady Records/Goliath Artists
Mitch Rose- boxer or comedic short film maker
Bullet For My Valentine
MUCC- japaness rock band
Towers of London
Papa Roach
Alice in Chains
Rome Reddick- Tour / Road Manager at Cirque duSolelil
Stuart White- Graphic designer
Sabrina Okamoto- Axl's masseuse
Jeff Greenberg- Casting director for Look Who's Talking?
Mixmaster Mike- (from the beastie boys)Interesting!
Bill Greer-???
Marc St. Louis-???
Michael Oppenheim- photographer
Karen Murphy- Produced This is Spinal Tap
Rob Shore-???
Eric Romano-Criminal trial lawyer in Florida
The Suicide Girls- They must love him, or just provide inspiration
Kevin Quinn- artist
Bob Daitz-???
Jarmo Luukkonen- designed
Sarah Martin- Photographer
Tommy Dimitriov-artist
George Chin- Photographer
Mark Weiss- photography
Vicki Craddock- photographer
Kevin Hughes-???
Reid Schulte-Derne- pyrotechnician
Matt Larsen- American Combatives instructor known as "The Father of Modern Combatives"?
Orris Henry- FOH monitor engineer
Mike Adams-???
Tim Propersi- composer
David Brown- Rapper Young Buck or an astronaut?
Beth Springer- handbag designer
Bill Hardie- ???
The Maloof Family- owners of entertainment properties in western USA. Sacramento Kings basketball team for one.
Bubbles and the Trailer Park Boys-???
Mickey Rourke- NICE! Bet they have a blast together!
Debbie Woodworth-???
Chelsea James- artist
Kayla James-???
Del James- Adalberto V. Miranda- writer, musician, and journalist. His short story inspired the November Rain video. Close friend to Axl and road manager for GnR
Alex Schredl-???
Barbi and Maxwell Santos- Brazillian soccer player?
Virginia and Alex-???
Eliane and Stan Saez-???
Guilherme Nune-???
Jose Sosa- Argenine soccer player (midfielder)
Alma Bonilla-???
Miguel Isla- artist
Mark Anthony- emperor, singer?
Dana Paola e Maria Fernanda- Maria is a Mexican film/TV actress
Barbara Van Wormer and Lesha Kirby of City National Bank Private banking and all their staff

Marshall Amplification
Gibson Guitars
The Perri Corporation
DW Drums
Marco at Vic Firth
Ernie Ball Strings
Paul Reed Smith Guitars
Dorothy Weintraub & Rock On Travel
Gary Westcott
Smart Art Itineraries
G5 Executive
Bernie Gilhuly and all at LL Business Management
Gersh at Drum Fetish
Accurate Staging
Roberts Brothers Coach Leasing
Upstaging Inc
Tour Supply
Shure- Microphones
Apple Computers- Yay!
Ferrari- Axl is a big fan
Center Staging
Jimmy at Mates
SIR Studios
All Access
K2- Skis?
Global Access
The Village
Can Am
Woodland Ranch
Sunset Sound
Electric Lady
Bennett House
The Townhouse
Bungalow 8
The Soho House
The Snatch- Mmmm
Stereo- to play the album every hour for 14 years
Butter- for cooking or for the hair?
Coco- Channel?

Hard Rock Hotel
The Palms
Four Seasons
Ritz Hotel
Grand Hyatt all over the world
Trump Hotel
Mandarin Oriental in London
Gary Arnold and everyone at Best Buy.- "From the university of Montana newsletter: "As President of Redline Entertainment, Gary Arnold is responsible for this newly created subsidiary of the Fortune 100 retail giant Best Buy Co. Inc. Redline Entertainment is a strategic component of Best Buy expanding and diversifying the Company's role in the Entertainment Ecosystem."
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22 фев. 2009
Ага, все эти люди указаны внутри обложки нового альбома, признаться никогда столько не видел

Do You know where the fuck You are? You're in the jungle, baby. Wake up! Time to di-eeeeeeeee!


умница не ребенок, KG-Rose действительно Вы самый уравновешенный член. (эт абсолютно без иронии). :biggrin: ...нашего форума (впротчем насчет себя с слове "нашего" я сомневаюсь - што выгнали? и поделом)!!!...всегда достойны восхищения - и трезвая мораль и знания и альтруизм..респект и уважуха!!! (хотя, как говорил пр. Преображенский "Я не люблю пролетариата!").....возможно ЕГО - етого пролетариата в чистом виде и не осталось, но душевность и миролюбие и прочие славные и безмеркантильные качества Вашего внутренего мира и порой наивная и безальтернативная (а может быть вызванная Маркесом.... :biggrin: , как коммунистическим писателем) любовь к рыженькому почти 50-ти летнему мальчику-почти-бразильеро Акслу Роузу - любителю Азии (в плане - дайте баблософ за билеты)...и не навидящему всех и вся в родной США.....ЭТО КАК?...никогда не поверю, что Вы, я думаю знающий ой как много про GNR, будете отрицать что Аксл тут ни причем? Совсем как Дуримар. не ясна Ваша позиция...нравиться женщинам? ...это очень понятно, особенно в Вашем возрасте :biggrin:

..суть в том, что наверно нельзя быть добрым для всех.....а может, ведь был же Христос.
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22 фев. 2009
Это мало относится к Китайской Демократии и Ганзам, но раз уж речь зашла, то я просто предпочитаю думать прежде, чем что-то говорить или делать, так как, не хочу своим необдуманным словом или действием кого-то обидеть или задеть чьи-то чувства, есть опыт.
А по поводу девушек - я хочу нравиться только одной единственной


Do You know where the fuck You are? You're in the jungle, baby. Wake up! Time to di-eeeeeeeee!
Ksenya Rose
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Ksenya Rose
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26 июня 2009

Sasha Volkova- beautiful Ukranian model as seen in Ralph Lauren ads.

Это слова самого Аксела? Яхахаахах....

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20 нояб. 2009
я за "Catcher In The Rye"! =)

"Долго-долго ещё потом
Раскалённым словам не остыть,
В тёмной комнате на стене
Проступают твои черты..." ©


Слева направо:
Eric Caudieux (pro tools man), Dan Monti (works for Village Rec.), Axl Rose, Caram Costanzo (engineer)
From Village Recording Studios. taken in 2003-2004.

Прикрепленный файл (cd-engineer.jpg, 62732 байт, скачан: 7453 раза)


Композиции New Guns N' Roses, которые рассматривались Акслом для представления на диске "КД":

Catcher In The Rye
This I Love
There Was A Time
Chinese Democracy
The Blues
Cock-a-roach Soup
Oh My God
Rhiad And The Bedouins
Quick Song
Atlas Shrugged
Ides of March
No Love Remains
Zip It
Something Always
Hearts Get Killed
Closing In On You
Strange Disease
This Life
Never Had It
Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Friend or Foe
Leave Me Alone
If The World
Message For You [?]
Shackler's Revenge
Lies They Tell [Alternate title "Scraped"]

ну и бутылочка Maker's Mark, the original premium bourbon whisky - хочу заметить вкусная вешь

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